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Body Revolution LA

Ultra-Body Red Light Slimming Technology

At Body Revolution LA, Body Contouring Fat Reduction gets a brand new image. Our clients say it feels more like a visit to a Spa. Relax under a warm light, listening to your favorite music, sipping your favorite flavor of Perrier, while our Warm LED lights melt away inches of fat and add new collagen and elasticity to your skin. This combination of fat loss and skin tightening results in a more youthful appearance.

Body Revolution LA utilizes the newest FDA approved Non-invasive Warm LED Red Light technology which is taking the nation by storm. Safer and more effective than CoolSculpting and other Laser Fat Reduction Technologies with NO pain, ZERO side effects and IMMEDIATE results! Results so consistently effective, for both Men and Women of all body types, that we can confidently GUARANTEE results! If you don’t lose at least 3 inches of fat across your treatment area on your first Ultra-Body Slimming treatment, your treatment is FREE!

Warm LED Red Light

Sculpting Services

Need more than just contouring? We also offer an immersive program that combines Ultra-Body Red Light Slimming with our Nutrition Program

A 15-Week Program to Transform your body! Includes a 80 Inch Fat Loss Guarantee!

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